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CSGK Committee Overview

Committees are necessary for the CSGK board to work effectively. Committees are smaller working groups formed or appointed to focus on specific projects; for example, fund-raising or marketing. Often these are projects which require more time than the board has during its regular meetings. The focused work of committees contributes immeasurably to the overall effectiveness of the board.

A committee does not make decisions for the board; it simply brings information and recommendations back to the board. On rare occasions, a committee may be formally authorized by the board to act on its behalf.

Two kinds of committees function within the CSGK boards.

  • Standing committees have on-going responsibilities and are usually identified in the constitution/by-laws. Each standing committee should have its responsibilities and purposes clearly defined.


  • Ad hoc committees are those committees appointed for a specific task for a limited period of time. When an ad hoc committee’s work is completed, the committee dissolves. The constitution/by-laws should describe how ad hoc committees can be formed.