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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

% Split - The TRIP program operates with an 80/20 split. This means that you get 80% of the credit and the schools will receive 20%.

Payment Methods - At this time we will only be accepting cash and checks as payment due to the cost of credit card transactions. Checks should be made payable to CSGK – TRIP. Your check is not a tax-deductible donation because you are receiving dollar for dollar value.

How can credits be used?Credit may be used only for tuition. If your child leaves the CSGK system for any reason, your TRIP credit may be used toward your outstanding tuition balance, toward another family’s account, or to the general fund

When will program be operated? - The TRIP program will run weekly during the school year except during Christmas and spring vacation. During the summer TRIP will be sold one night a week at Hackett.

Lost Certificates - Because the TRIP certificates are actual gift certificates, they are to be treated as cash. If certificates are lost or stolen, it is not possible to replace them.

Will I still get a report of what credits I have earned? - TRIP credits will be credited to each registrant’s tuition account three times per year. TRIP statements will be sent home with your child or mailed to you three times per year.

Returned Checks - Non-sufficient fund checks will incur a fee of $20. The fee will be deducted from your TRIP earnings if available, or must be paid before you can place another TRIP order. If three NSF checks are tendered on your TRIP account in the same year, you will be suspended from ordering privileges.